Visit Jakarta Indonesia


Indonesia is a country full of various beautiful phenomena ranging from nature, cities, facilities, tourist attractions, to culinary.  Let’s go to jakarta city ..

Identical to the name of Jakarta may be familiar to us, with its unique symbol of the national monument, jakarta mermpunyai the glow of the wah charm in the eyes of the audience of indigenous people of Jakarta, as well as people outside the Jakarta area to foreign tourists or foreign tours in the world.

Maybe we see the early formation of the city of Jakarta by the heroes or Jagoan Jakarta.  As well as “the pitung” is someone who is familiar to the audiences around because he is someone who is instrumental in the development of jakarta. if we see the area of ​​residence of the pitung may not be surprised again with the atmosphere that greatly accentuate the typical culture of the city of Jakarta.

Now we are heading to the natural scenery in the city of Jakarta is in great demand by the audience around to foreign countries who are very fond of the city of Jakarta which consists of a variety of buildings that mengiasi this capital city. Until we meet the historic place of “Old Town” This place contains old buildings that there are many old objects relics of foreigners who colonized Indonesia, so this place most people use it to take pictures or make a photo background like pre-weeding photos or photographs for advertising.

Towards culinary tourism in Jakarta is very diverse ranging from food typical of Betawi to food outside java island that is in great demand by the crowd, jakarta serve as the center of the food that is in great demand so .. do not get me wrong if you go to the city of Jakarta see a lot of food which does not include typical jakarta or batavia food.

As seen above picture is one of the typical city of Jakarta that is “ONDEL-ONDEL” maybe this also will not be foreign again for the people of jakarta to overseas. ondel-ondel made from a series of bamboo sticks and wood. when looking at his face is decorated with a makeup background that describes the characteristics of the role or character of the characters in ondel-ondel. many also people who first saw him think ondel-ondel it strange-looking and quite scary because of the background makeup.

The picture above is a phenomenon that is also very typical of Betawi music. Many of us find the strains of jakarta music that accompany the wedding parties like “gambang kromong” this music is identical with the party or the inclination of the event characterized by jakarta. This music also serves as a musical accompaniment of betawi kicir-kicir and songs that come from betawi. Every year jakarta always visited by the festival of jakarta charm that every year once held for a whole month.  Inside there are many exhibitions containing clothes, tools, food and others. in this festival there is also a variety of entertainment such as music concerts to the original drama of Jakarta.

Indest the charm of the city of jakarta. Do not just know  course we as citizens of jakarta or citizens of Indonesia who set foot in jakarta must maintain and care for the sustainability of the city of Jakarta is not inferior to other cities. Do not until the cultures that exist in this city extinct and not be aborted again because the ever-changing modern age. so do not be shy to be a citizen of Jakarta.  Keep our city’s cultural heritage in order not to be taken away by the foreigners.